Web Design & User Experience

Nothing frustrates a user more than a slow, clunky, over- or under-designed website, so performance should always be optimised for fast loading and intuitive navigation.

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Did you know, 52% of users leave sites and don’t return because they dislike the overall aesthetic? Our UXperts rigorously test our websites to exacting standards to ensure optimal performance and an enhanced user experience. We don’t believe in design for design’s sake, so while our websites are clean and elegant, you should notice two things…

Firstly, every page is designed to inspire action. The user journey is our foremost consideration, so we include strong calls to action, trust signals and purchase beacons where visitors would expect to find them. Secondly, our sites are designed to engage and inspire visitors to convert and return.

We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure our web designs meet high standards for accessibility, usability and performance.

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