Win more advertising spend

Get to know your audience, inside and out. Smarter data gives
you expertise and clarity, helping you expand your market
and sell more business


    What publishers use our data for

    • Audience Intelligence
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • New Business Development
    • Media Planning
    • Website & Campaign Analytics
    • Advertising Effectiveness

    Why do publishers need Data-driven Marketing?


    Build engaging & multi-channel content

    Data-driven insights can induce more consumption of content across all customer touchpoints due to higher customer understanding.

    Build new audiences

    Partnering with trusted contemporaries, can use combined data to build “look-alike” models and target the new audience beyond the in-house data.

    High Ad Rates

    For delivering such engaged audiences to advertisers, publishers can demand higher ad rates.

    Leverage e-commerce for more revenue windows

    Launch own e-commerce platforms and sell or promote products of various domains and websites via third parties.