Publishers Before PPT


Win more advertising spend

We provide data and consumer analytics to larger brands, FMCG
companies, Large Creative Agencies, Communication
Agencies and Even Publishers

Slowly moving into an era where Big Data is the beginning, not the end, no marketer today can shut his gates upon Data-driven Marketing, looking into the fair promises it carries for future.

Publish or Perish

  • Today content is far beyond just witty news feeds, lengthy reports, informative blogs, meaningful videos, slideshows or just rosy images.
  • Today content is all about being timely & timeless, relevant, captivating & crisp.
  • Content Publishers thus need to be on toes to create countless opportunities for engaging & interacting with customers to produce content of their taste.
  • Remember “Catches win matches”.

Why do publishers need Data-driven Marketing?


Build engaging & multi-channel content

Data-driven insights can induce more consumption of content across all customer touchpoints due to higher customer understanding.

Build new audiences

Partnering with trusted contemporaries, can use combined data to build “look-alike” models and target the new audience beyond the in-house data.

High Ad Rates

For delivering such engaged audiences to advertisers, publishers can demand higher ad rates.

Leverage e-commerce for more revenue windows

Launch own e-commerce platforms and sell or promote products of various domains and websites via third parties.

What publishers use our data for

  • Graphic design
  • Brand guidelines & Tone Of Voice
  • Stationery & business cards
  • Graphic design
  • Brand guidelines & Tone Of Voice
  • Stationery & business cards