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Data Analytics & Benchmarking

We provide data and consumer analytics to larger brands, FMCG
companies, Large Creative Agencies, Communication
Agencies and Even Publishers

What agencies use our data for

  • Graphic design
  • Brand guidelines & Tone Of Voice
  • Stationery & business cards
  • Graphic design
  • Brand guidelines & Tone Of Voice
  • Stationery & business cards

Bait your Big Dreams with 5Vs of Big Data



We extract from the endless Data Sea valuable metrics for your business on customer journey.


Using Analytics Tools our industry experts track the customer’s behaviour from all types of data and align your Digital Campaigns to seal the perfect sync.


Value is what tops the Big Data Pyramid. Add with us just the right dash of value at all your Digital Touchpoints.


Digital is all about speed. Personalizing web interactions of customers we help you reach the finish line first.


Segregating High Veracity Data from the Digital Noise is where we ace the Digital Game for you.


 Data is the new oil. Without Big Data, no business can thrive in the competitive market today. And as Moore quotes, “Without Big Data, you are blind, deaf and in a freeway.” 

Torture the data and it will confess anything!

With programmatic advertising and marketing automation, segmented data can be easily used to gain new insights on the customer persona and build their crisp profiles.

People-first Marketing Strategy

Adding value and emotions to the customer experience is what alone can make your brand memorable and drive loyal fans. Because where there is Data Smoke, there’s Business Fire.

More efficient Media Buying

Leveraging Algorithms, Machine Learning & Dynamic Creatives, the customer on-the-fly is automatically shown the most relevant creative. 

Optimization of ROIs

Data-driven Marketing optimizes ad spends and marketing messages to target the right set of audience for the campaign.